Mastering Mixing & Arts


Vinyl records, cassette tapes and digital formats.
We master your songs to perfect them for basically any media and format.


We mix your songs to maximize your fans listening experience.


Album covers, logotypes and band logos, posters, stickers and more. Always ready to print. We do both digital and traditional art and designs.


Mastering is the last and final step in music production. This is where the final tweaks are being made to give your song or even full albums the optimal sound for the media you care the most for.

We have over 10 years of experience in mastering for vinyl records and cassette tapes. Two completely different media formats that demands every laying of on hands they can get, and we do that.

You might prefer the digital format. Swedcore.Studios makes sure you get the optimal mastering quality for Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or any other online service.
Of course we optimize your master for CDs and even Tidal too.


The prime building. You have made a great job putting a song together. You have all parts and all the tools. Now it is time to build. Time to make it come to life. Make it breathe and jumpstart its heart.

The importance of having good dynamics in your songs can never be emphasized enough. This is being achieved by mixing your song right. No matter how hard or soft your music is, dynamics are essential for an everlasting listening experience. Swedcore.Studios will make sure every tiny little fraction of a sound is audible as far as reasonably possible.

We will always respect you as an artist and creator and we will listen carefully to your wishes and demands. We are open for anything. There is no template for mixing a song. Each individual wish or style requires a unique way of mixing. We do that for you.


Your fans and listeners are first presented to your work, actually not by your music, but from any of your artworks. Be it a high detailed front cover painting or your band logo. Maybe they see a flyer or a sticker with your name on it. We do it all.

Our artwork studio have made cover arts for vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes, party and club flyers and more for almost 20 years. The experience we have will certainly make you satisfied. Everything we do will always be ready to print and publish as soon as you have it in your hands. 

Artwork & Logos

Here you can see some of the artworks we've had the honor to make through the years. Every artwork pictured here are completely handmade using pure handicraft skills. Only help is a digital drawing tablet. No photo editing or filters or any others additional tools popular today have been used.

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Logotype History

The First Steps

London, UK, 1999. Swedcore as a name was born. Yes, at first it was only Swedcore. As the name suggests it has its origins in Sweden, but the name was written down on a paper note in a hotel room in London, UK. At the time the name was used sparsly.

It wasn't until 2003 that the name began to be used more consistently and a logotype was made. Then as an underground Hardcore and Speedcore techno project and later assisted an independent Swedish record label in releasing CD-R compilations.



Swedcore Logo


Swedcore Studios Logo


The 2003 circular shape represents a DJ with its arms and head. The triangular shape also represents the north. In 2023 the logotype was revamped. Tilted 90 degrees and slightly polished. The inner bars were relocated and it stylistically reads SC for SwedCore. 

Making a name

Swedcore switched lanes and started organizing clubs and parties in 2006. Some of the most successfull parties in the history of Swedish Hardcore and Speedcore movement were put together by Swedcore and was held in Stockholm City and its suburbs. This put Swedcore on the map in Swedish hard electronic music culture.

Working with others

Through the years members of Swedcore have been collaborating and working together with other actors and cultures. This have put us in an amazing spot as of today, as it has given us a lot of experiences and memories. This is why we have chosen to rebrand ourselves.


Leaving all the above behind, though happily keeping it in memory, Swedcore have become Swedcore.Studios. We now focus 100% on mastering, mixing and all kinds of art. Our main target is hard electronic music, but we have great experience in synthpop and rock music as well.

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